Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ethical Principles

The discussions in class, I think generalized the fact that right and wrong doesn't have a definite color, nationality, sex, age, or any other descriptive category made to keep us as people apart. The examples made it clear that in any case if the individual had lacking ethical principles, trouble was the eventual follower. I would describe my set of ethical principles to be "one of old", since I learned most of my actions as well as attitudes toward certain things from my father. As a child he taught me lessons of responsibility, trust, loyalty, teamwork, as well as humility. I think each of these skills will assist in my search for a career.

Poor Communicating

While I have had plenty of jobs that could serve as great examples of poor communicating from management down to the employees, probably no instance was more costly than a moment from when I played Highschool basketball. Basically what happened was we usually would have weekly practices on Sunday mornings from 4:00 to 8 AM, but through poor communication from the head coach to the assistants the message was distorted a slight bit. Instead of relaying the message that practice would only last until 7 on that specific morning, the assistant coach told ALL of the the players that practice wouldn't START until 7. Needless to say we were ran almost to death for showing up for "practice" 3hrs late. I think the whole situation could've been solved through better communication, both by the speaker and listener.

Final Project

I found the project to be a lot of fun, even though we didn't get to pick the initial topic. The time allowed for our group to discuss and plan in class was helpful, but we did a huge amount of conversing and handling information at home through e-mail. This allowed the members in the group to work on their individual parts of the project as well as get them put together forming one assignment as the final product.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Top Pick & Portfolio Experience..

I think Kyle's presentation was one of the more enjoyable ones of the class. He did his on the Top 5 dunks of the 08-09 Clemson basketball season, which was an easy topic for many to relate to whether it be for the love of the sport or simply school spirit. I enjoyed the fact that he found clips to play that showed each dunk to the class, this was important because some might not have already seen the actual plays. The presentation was hilarious and had the entire class laughing.

My only experience with online portfolios is whatever you call the "E-portfolio" that you have to complete with graduation. Seeing as how nobody knew how to explain what the actual portfolios should contain, my experience with the program has not been that much of a good one lol. I honestly don't know the name of the program that we are supposed to use, I guess that pretty much sums up my confusion. I think in order to be ready for the portfolio draft I just need to go over what all is being asked for and expected of me in the assignment.

3 favorite presentations

My top three favorite presentations out of the class were the ones on the top 5 worst pickup lines, tips for surviving in a large family, and Jordans. All three individuals pulled the audience into their topics by showing great enthusiasm in their delivery. I felt like I could relate to each of them although not in their exact viewpoints. For example I could picture my friends using ALL of the pickup lines on a drunk weekend night out at a bar. I could totally feel where Rodney was coming from also because I Love Jordans!! I think from listening to others present you could see that differences do nothing but shade the similarities that people of all kinds share.

Cover Letter

I find the advice to be pretty helpful, who wouldn't want tips on ways of bettering your chances of getting a well-paying career? Whatever suggestions that have been proven to work, I'm all ears. I think the section "The Best Use of a Cover Letter" was the most useful because not only does it specifically tell you the different parts of the cover letter, but it goes into detail and notes what order they should be put in and also what information should be included in each section. I didn't know that you should use a P.S. on the cover letter, but it says that it adds extra emphasis to your letter. I will try and use this advice in the future in writing my cover letter for the mock interview if possible.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Before the speaker came in and talked about what she was trying to accomplish with the whole thing, I really didn't have a clue on what we were supposed to be trying to get done. After listening to her though I do see why something has to be done to better the situation, and since students are a main component of any university we should have input in the solution. I think we could make posters and billboards that show healthy alternatives to the other less nutritional foods. All in all though the group has a nice feel to it and I can see myself enjoying the assignment.